final for my 2D foundation class.
i wanted to approach the issue of society vilifying women for their sexual decisions.
things may or may not change before i print them on sunday, idk. 

this. is brilliant, i mean on a completely different level of brilliant. The idea is so blunt but so positive to what woman should think and i really really like this.

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Thank you

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im tired of things costing money


If someone tells you to listen to a song, listen to it.  It may be the worst song you have ever heard but they wanted to share it with you.  That is really special.  If it makes them feel a certain way and they are so adamant about you hearing it, take 5 minutes to hear it.  It shows a lot about someone.  


Kawaii animal donuts in Koenji now!


If your boyfriend tells you to lose weight, you should absolutely do as he says. Drop 150 pounds instantly by dumping his stupid ass and then go eat a pizza like the beautiful bitch you are


HIMYM Bloopers: Neil accidentally touched Cobie’s boob.

This is my favorite blooper of all time.

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the whole thing is still a little heavy for Tavros to hold on his own so Boxcars has to hold while Tavros plucks.

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Ke$ha’s dancers

I need to go see kesha
She’s doing big things